Huske's Rusty Nail Pale Ale is a classic American Pale Ale using plentiful amounts of traditional Cascade hops which impart aromas and flavors of grapefruit and orange, carefully balanced by a firm malty backbone.  Our Pale Ale's balance means it pairs well with most dishes, especially anything grilled or fried!   ABV 6% IBUs 35
Our Irish Red ale is robust and smooth with a firm caramel malt sweetness which lingers into the finish.  Killaman uses traditional British malts, hops and yeast for a malty backbone which is traditional for this style.  It pairs well with strong flavors such as our burgers, steaks and fried dishes.   ABV 4.9% IBUs 20
Huske's Sledgehammer Stout is our most robust beer, full of flavors of roasted coffee and dark chocolate but with a dry, clean finish.  Plentiful quantities of dark roasted malts contribute to a full-bodied yet approachable stout which pairs well with Huske's heartier offerings.   ABV 6.5% IBUs 35

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