An American Pale Ale in a pacific northwest style. Plentiful amounts of cascade hops give a citrus flavor balanced by crystal malts. Dry hopped for an intense hop aroma. Pairs well with anything grilled, especially burgers and steak! ABV: 6%
A full bodied Irish Red Ale, robust and smooth, with a caramel malt sweetness.  A toasted nutty start, balanced with a light caramel toffee sweetness.  Made from British malts, hops, and yeast. This beer is great with burgers, chicken, steak, pork, as well as spicy dishes.  ABV:  4.9%
An easy drinking German Ale made with the finest German pilsner malts and hops.  The finish is dry, light and refreshing.  A fantastic medium bodied Kolsch Ale. Great with cheese, seafood, chicken and salads. ABV 5%
This is a dry Stout, not sweet. English black barley adds a flavor of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and burnt toast.  The head is beige and the bubbles are small. A full bodied, creamy English black ale. Excellent with roasted meats and full hearty flavors. ABV: 6%

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